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Comprehensive TEFL/TESOL Certification Program

The TEFL English teaching » course at The NewAge Teacher Training Academy is a dynamic program that equips aspiring educators with essential skills. Delving into all aspects of teaching English as a foreign language, the course offers a solid foundation in pedagogical theories, effective classroom management, and interactive teaching methodologies.

Practical Learning Approach

With a focus on practicality, participants engage in hands-on activities, including lesson planning and creating engaging materials. Experienced instructors with international teaching backgrounds provide valuable insights into different cultural contexts, fostering cross-cultural communication skills.

Global Impact

Attending this TEFL English teaching course enables individuals to embark on a journey towards becoming skilled educators, making a positive impact on students worldwide.

TEFL/TESOL Certification: Your Gateway to Global Teaching

TEFL is the Most Widely Accepted Teaching English Certification in the World. With over 1.7 billion individuals learning English globally, the demand for certified English teachers is high. A TEFL/TESOL certification is internationally recognized and opens opportunities for both native and non-native English speakers to teach expertly abroad.

Recognized Benchmark

TEFL/TESOL Certification is a benchmark for teaching English to English Language Learners (ELLs) worldwide. The curriculum covers fundamental theories, approaches, and techniques for teaching English in diverse classrooms.

Diverse Opportunities

TEFL/TESOL certified teachers are better prepared with creative and effective classroom teaching skills, addressing the needs of young learners and adults. This certification is crucial for those considering a career in teaching English abroad or within their own country.

Global Acknowledgment

TEFL is globally acknowledged as a prerequisite for teaching English abroad and is essential for international teacher job applications.

High Demand for TEFL Certified Teachers

Professionals with TEFL certification are in high demand globally, addressing the critical need for English teachers. English, the third most spoken language, is taught in over 118 countries, and the demand for English teachers is expected to rise significantly by 2030.

Diverse Job Opportunities

TEFL qualified teachers have diverse job opportunities worldwide, with thousands of job offers available. Follow your dreams, and with a TEFL certificate, the world becomes your classroom.

Why Choose NewAge?

  • The education system is evolving rapidly, and teachers must embrace diversity with differentiated pedagogical practices.
  • In the 21st century, teachers need to develop skills constantly and adapt to changing contexts.
  • NewAge understands the stages of a teacher's development and prepares them for teaching in a modern classroom.
  • Our aim is to make teachers future-ready in a rapidly changing world.

About NewAge Teacher Training Academy

The NewAge Teacher Training Academy prepares world-class educators, offering satisfying career paths through well-researched international teacher training programs. Our mission is to empower NewAge teachers with the skills needed to meet challenging goals.

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