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Optimizing your spaces for enhanced aesthetic appeal is now easy with wardrobe fittings and furniture accessories at South India Agencies. Life today is unusually mechanical and hectic with a last-minute rush for things that are of significance. One such most important part is your wardrobe. A typical state of confusion is the chaos in the morning hours when you don’t just have enough time left to pick something apt to start your day. It is therefore very important to have a well-organized wardrobe that is easily accessible and each time you open it, you don’t have to treasure hunt for things that you want to find. You definitely don’t want to get lost in the heap of your clothing or run your fingers through the vaguely scattered accessories. So, wouldn’t it be really great if you could have everything handy and your wardrobe a more inviting space for a refreshed start of your day? Yes, it definitely is and this is possible with a wide range of accessories and fittings by Ebco only at South India Agencies, that can help organize your wardrobe for easy accessibility and enhanced functionality, optimizing your spaces as well. Wardrobe Pull-Out Hanger for Trousers/Sarees Mounted under the shelves these can take a load of up to 10 sarees/trousers for easy access and pull-out with a ring seat for housing of small clothing and accessories. Wardrobe Drawer Organizer For those tiny accessories such as watches, jewellery, etc., that are an essential part often tend to get lost in the clutter, wardrobe drawer organizers make the ideal way of storing your items in a very sorted manner. Wardrobe Lift Side Mount For clothing that does not have to be folded and could occupy more space, a little lengthy wardrobe with a wardrobe lift side mount provides you with the feasibility of hanging suits and dresses at the top and lowering it when needed with a superior soft hydraulic device that helps improve the functionality. Wardrobe Mirror Pullout No more traditional space-occupying dressing mirrors or dressing tables, South India Agencies brings you the most elegant and sophisticated product by Ebco, the wardrobe mirror pullout which can be pulled out from the wardrobe when necessary and stowed away when not in use. Wardrobe Pullout Ironing Board Why have an ironing board take up the space in the corner of your room when you can have the same that can save your space as well be aesthetically appealing. With South India Agencies providing the best in wardrobe fittings and accessories, now switch to an ironing board that slides into the wardrobe easily. With the flexibility to rotate 180 degrees left and right, you can use it in a standing position by just pulling it out when needed and sliding it in when done. Wardrobe Pullout Shoe Rack Organizing your footwear has never been so easy. With a pullout shoe rack from Ebco at South India Agencies, organizing the footwear ensures hassle-free functioning and maintenance. This and much more to organize your wardrobe and ensure an energetic start of the day with a positive mind, wardrobe accessories and fitting by Ebco only at South India Agencies. Please visit our Architectural Hardware Experience Studio SPD Plaza, No. 52, 2nd Floor, 5th Block Koramangala (Opp. Jyoti Nivas College), Bangalore 560095. or Call: 9901615115 Mail us at: contact@southindiaagencies.com »

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