Trichoderma Bio-Pesticide Powder Formulation (Water Soluble) / Ahmedabad

Post# A201420 · Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Content: Trichoderma viride 1×107 CFU/gm

Trichoderma viride is a high-efficiency organic biological agent.Trichoderma viride has a fast growth and reproduction rate, and can quickly absorb and utilize nutrients, water, space and oxygen in the soil, thus worsening the living environment of plant pathogens.

Trichoderma viride is a filamentous fungus that occurs naturally in soil and on various plants. It is known for its ability to colonize plant roots and promote growth, as well as its ability to combat and control diseases caused by other fungal pathogens.

Trichoderma viride is widely used in agriculture and horticulture as a biocontrol agent to prevent plant diseases and improve crop quality and yield. It is also used in the production of enzymes and other biotechnological products.

Furthermore, Trichoderma viride is one of the most studied fungi in terms of its ability to degrade cellulose and other biomass components, making it a promising candidate for the production of biofuels and other biomass-derived products.

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