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Calibrated Plywood is a crucial component for creating modular furniture and kitchens. Ristal Laminates, one of India's Leading Calibrated Plywood Manufacturers & Suppliers, offers a supreme range of calibrated plywood, ensuring customer satisfaction without compromise.

Factors to Consider in Plywood Selection

When choosing plywood, several factors should be considered:

  • ISI Certification and CML Number
  • Trusted or Branded Plywood
  • Gap-Free Plywood for Durability
  • Termite-Proof Ply for Longevity
  • Understanding Business Requirements (Commercial vs. Gurjan Plywood)

In India, where the demand for plywood is on the rise due to growing infrastructure and housing, selecting the right manufacturer is challenging but crucial.

Top 10 Plywood Manufacturers/Brands/Companies in India

  1. Ristal Laminates

    • A prominent leader in the industry.
    • Offers plywood, laminates, MDF fiberboards, and more.
    • Used in construction, furniture, decoration, and DIY projects.
    • Advantages include extreme strength, moisture resistance, and minimal waste.
  2. Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.

    • Located in Kolkata, known for innovative plywood.
    • Product range includes decorative veneers, laminates, and blockboards.
  3. Greenply Industries Ltd.

    • Established in 1984, renowned for supreme plywood products.
    • Offers decorative veneers, fire-retardant, and marine plywood.
  4. National Plywood Industries Ltd

    • Founded in 1973, manufactures multipurpose plywood.
    • Designs blockboards, flexible plywood, and decorative plywood.
  5. Kitply Industries Ltd.

    • Significant player with consistently updated offerings.
    • Suitable for various applications, including furniture and interior.
  6. Mayur Plywood

    • ISO and ISI-certified manufacturer.
    • Known for superior plywood such as teak, pine wood, and Gurjan.
  7. Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd.

    • Established in 1957, known for crafting first-grade plywood.
    • Offers various ply products under its well-established manufacturing house.
  8. Sharen Ply

    • Relatively newer entrant with premium offerings.
    • Produces marine plywood and decorative veneers.
  9. Archid Ply Industries

    • Operational for more than three decades.
    • Key player delivering eco-friendly plywood products using world-class technology.
  10. Tirupati Plywood

    • Established in 1985, offers diverse plywood.
    • Suitable for residential, commercial, and woodcraft projects.

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