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Introduction to PVC Laminates

E3 laminates are highly sought-after surfacing materials suitable for both commercial and residential spaces. They enhance the appeal of walls and furniture, offering durability and aesthetic charm.

Laminates are favored for their low maintenance and long-lasting allure, making them a popular choice during interior renovations.

PVC Laminate Sheet

PVC laminates by E3 come in an array of colors, textures, and patterns, adding a chic and upscale flair to any space. Our flagship product, Skydecor, offers quality laminates suitable for various applications, including kitchen » and wardrobe surfaces.

Customization Options

We provide customized sizes and shades upon request, ensuring our laminates meet specific design requirements.

Adhesive and Lamination

Our laminates are easy to apply using standard laminating systems and conventional adhesives. However, we advise against heat-activated adhesives.

Proper substrate selection and careful bonding procedures are crucial for optimal results. We recommend high-quality plywood, PVC board, or fiberboard substrates for best performance.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain the integrity of our laminates, avoid cleaning agents containing acids, alkalis, or abrasives. Additionally, minimize exposure to sunlight to preserve their appearance over time.

Explore Our Collections

Discover the diverse range of PVC laminates offered by Skydecor:

Elegant Collection

Featuring rich textures and glossy finishes, our Elegant Collection exudes sophistication and tradition, adding an exquisite touch to any interior space.

Metallic Collection

Crafted with world-class materials and cutting-edge technology, our Metallic Collection showcases premium quality and contemporary designs, meeting the latest market trends.

Luxury High Gloss Collection

Experience luxury at its finest with our Luxury High Gloss Collection, offering a remarkable sheen that elevates interior aesthetics.

Wooden Silky Matt Collection

Inspired by nature, our Wooden Silky Matt Collection brings warmth and charm to home decor, with a wide range of wooden textures and colors to choose from.

Wooden High Gloss Collection

For a magical ambiance, explore our Wooden High Gloss Collection, combining natural elements with a stunning glossy finish for a truly enchanting look.

3D & Laser Collection

Stay ahead with our 3D & Laser Collection, featuring innovative designs and textures with captivating 3D effects, meeting the growing demand for advanced technology in interior design.

Premium High Gloss Collection

Ideal for various commercial settings, our Premium High Gloss Collection offers superior quality and a glossy finish, perfect for creating impactful spaces.

Solid High Gloss Collection

Embrace elegance with our Solid High Gloss Collection, featuring single-color laminates that add a touch of luxury to any office or home interior.

Marble Collection

Achieve sophistication with our Marble Collection, perfect for designing elegant homes and creating tranquil surroundings with its smooth texture and luxe appeal.

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