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You have just spotted the rug to suit your fantasies, and it's occupying a prominent place in your lounge room. Why not make it perfect by getting an anti-slip one? Accessible in all types of rugs and floor runners, Sapana Mats has a plethora of anti-slip carpets and rugs to suit your needs. A lightweight and subtle coating of padding between the fabric and the surface below it makes any carpet anti-slip easily. Read more to know why you need anti-slip rugs and carpets. Protect Carpet Sliding From Under Your Feet No matter how vigilant you are, a rug without some kind of grip still raises the chance of tipping and skidding. A non-slip carpet grabs onto the surface, to prevent it from shifting, bundling, or rolling. This is particularly useful in locations where adults and children, including the disabled and old family members, might get potentially injured. Apart from these functional advantages, a bundled carpet isn't a flattering choice for any family room! Improve The Lifespan Of Your Rug Carpets and rugs are frequently mounted on hardened floors and surfaces, including certain wood and stones, to improve comfortability and contribute to the aesthetics. Although perfect for many of these reasons, abrasive floors like the one outlined above will shorten the carpets’ lifetime. An anti-slip padding slows down the wear and tear, by supplying comfort and allowing the rug to bounce back up more quickly. Guard Your Surface Below Along with your carpet, it is essential to take note and care of the floor tiles beneath. A few of the carpet backs are constructed of rough materials that could scrape and ruin the adjacent surface.A carpet gripping avoids similar issues by creating a safe shield between all the floorings and the rug kept on it. Aids The Cleaning Which homeowner would not prefer to make their own lives easy whenever it comes to removing hard stains? Fortunately, that is exactly what a rug grip helps in. They are also built with protrusions that can improve air ventilation under the runner, discourage spores or pollen collection from developing underneath and make washing and cleaning the rug much smoother. If you would like to check out how a rug will fit your decorative areas in your house, find a comprehensive range online on the Sapana Online store. To know more, visit

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