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BuildMate is a strong technology oriented, high-tech engineering project and execution company providing technology and supply of machinery and equipment for Building Material projects.

If you are looking for top-tier AAC Block Making Machine Manufacturers in India, then look no further. Buildmate is the best AAC block manufacturing unit suppliers in India that are committed to delivering premium quality AAC block plants at competitive prices.

If you are worried about the AAC block manufacturing plant cost, AAC Block Plant Machine Manufacturers » provide customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of the customer.

BuildMate: Leading AAC Block Plant Manufacturers and Supplier

BuildMate stands out as a premier AAC block plant manufacturer and supplier in India. Our range includes various AAC block plant types, from conventional European styles to our unique proprietary designs.

These ensure the highest quality standards. Moreover, we've introduced a Low Capital Cost version that maintains our uncompromising quality.

Advancements in AAC Block Technology

While AAC blocks have a long history, their acceptance is now rising in developing countries. Although the technology is mature, even minor innovations significantly enhance plant efficiency and profitability.

Our AAC Block Plant Installations

We've successfully established numerous AAC plants in India and overseas. A comprehensive list of completed and ongoing projects is available here.

AAC Block Plant Sizes

S.No, Range, Plant Capacity in cu.m per day, Plant Type

  • 1, Small, 150 expandable to 300, Low Capital Cost
  • 2, Medium, 300 to 600, Buildmate, European
  • 3, Large, 600 to 1800, Buildmate, European

Requirements for Setting Up an AAC Block Plant:

  • Land Area: Minimum 2 acres
  • Land Dimensions: Minimum of 75m x 20m
  • Proximity to Resources: Affordable fly ash, silica sand, river sand
  • Proximity to Markets: Urban markets
  • Labor: Minimal human labor for automated plants

Stages of AAC Block Plant Process

1. Batching

BuildMate’s AAC block plants feature highly accurate batching systems with flexible designs and high capacities. These systems can be tailored to match available raw materials and the desired product range.

2. Casting

In the casting phase, we offer customizable options for mixers and molds. Alongside fixed mixers and movable molds, we provide movable mixers.

This approach minimizes raw material settling and wear on molds. Movable mixers ensure even pouring, while fixed molds reduce cracks and ensure uniform aeration, resulting in superior blocks.

3. Cutting

Efficient cutting is pivotal in the AAC block production process. Optimal machinery and processes in this stage minimize waste and ensure dimensional accuracy.

We offer two cutting machine variants. In the conventional process, cakes go through trimming, horizontal cutting, and vertical cutting to produce blocks of varying sizes based on market demand.

In the BuildMate process, the cake remains stationary during trimming and cutting, reducing strain and waste. This innovation consistently yields finely finished blocks.

4. Curing

Following cutting, the AAC blocks must undergo autoclave curing to achieve maximum strength. Our process enhances steam efficiency, strength, and block movement. We're among the few manufacturers worldwide offering a green separator, a push-pull transfer car system, and efficient autoclaving.

5. Palletizing

After curing, the blocks require storage and packing. To streamline this process and reduce labor, we provide a grab-and-shift crane for transferring blocks from curing to storage.

This transfer system, facilitated by cranes and conveyors, can be fully automated up to truck loading.

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